I do not know when to start I am so interested in the motorcycle. 

Maybe it start with a movie I used to see. It was about the robot man. He rides a bike to protect one kid. You should know the name.I would not mention it because it is so famous. One leather jacket and one motorbike with a shotgun in head. The shades on his face is so cool. So I have that vision in my head for so many years. I want to be one like him. Now I have purchased my third leather jacket. All I need is one bike. The motorbike is one of the most wanted for the young man. The noise of the engine is one kind wonderful music for me. I like the noise roaring on the streets. It is so cool. The movies always give the riders a bad impression. Seems the people riding on the streets are all gangsters. Maybe they are just enjoy that kind life style? People should have their own rights to choose the life style. As a rider , they enjoy the life on the motorbike. So let it be. I work with the computers every day. My eyes have the pain every day. I am so tired of it. I want to get away from it. So why can't I choose to be a rider? Should I live my life like a slave?

I have my rider dream. I want to own a motorbike. But there are some more important thing is all I want is enjoy the life. Even if you have millions dollar , it is not work if you are not happy. Happiness is the key to enjoy the life. So I have to know what I want to be. And I have to try my best to be what I want to be.