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09 décembre 2014

biker dream

I do not know when to start I am so interested in the motorcycle. 

Maybe it start with a movie I used to see. It was about the robot man. He rides a bike to protect one kid. You should know the name.I would not mention it because it is so famous. One leather jacket and one motorbike with a shotgun in head. The shades on his face is so cool. So I have that vision in my head for so many years. I want to be one like him. Now I have purchased my third leather jacket. All I need is one bike. The motorbike is one of the most wanted for the young man. The noise of the engine is one kind wonderful music for me. I like the noise roaring on the streets. It is so cool. The movies always give the riders a bad impression. Seems the people riding on the streets are all gangsters. Maybe they are just enjoy that kind life style? People should have their own rights to choose the life style. As a rider , they enjoy the life on the motorbike. So let it be. I work with the computers every day. My eyes have the pain every day. I am so tired of it. I want to get away from it. So why can't I choose to be a rider? Should I live my life like a slave?

I have my rider dream. I want to own a motorbike. But there are some more important thing is all I want is enjoy the life. Even if you have millions dollar , it is not work if you are not happy. Happiness is the key to enjoy the life. So I have to know what I want to be. And I have to try my best to be what I want to be. 

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31 octobre 2014

know the love

For two years I still can not forget. The dreams and the memory are mixed together to make up this soup make you cry out with the tears. The red sun hanging on the afternoon sky. You can feel something warn inside the heart. But it is already taken by someone. She is not beatiful. But she make me suffered for totally one year. I am so confident before. But she have destroyed the confidence.I never imagine that love have such a strong power to make me suffer for so long.

Maybe it is all about the loneliness. While I am alone how I wish I can get someone to talk with. It is not about the love. It is just some kinds of friendship. But most of the time I can not tell the friendship and the love. So that is easy to get me hurt. Two years I have gone and now I have come back .Come back with another face of me. I know myself much better. After 2 years of healing. I know my life should be another new style. You are not the only one in my life. And I am sure you are not the one for me. So I would gain another new life. I would take care of myself very carefully. I would make the love in control. This is my new life coming. 

Another new start. I would make my life wonderful. I would go back to you with my greatest honor.You would never climb up to me any more.

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03 septembre 2012

the royal world

I am always dreaming that one day I can get enough fortune for the rest for my life . Maybe the five million would be enough for me .As I have set this aim as my retire aim .Once I have get this number I would drop down all my business and then travel around the world .I think that is enough for the rest of my life .And I am loving that kind feeling .For the true life meaning I want to create myself one royal world full of the luxury things .

I would get dressed the Last Kings clothing which Tyga dressed .And then give myself another good rate for the fashion icon .Maybe I can also create my own brand to let the whole world know my names .The jeans which name after me it would also be wonderful .All these things make my life full of the wishes .And also become of these wishes make me want to live in this royal world of mine.

However I am feeling I am stil far away from my aim .Because there are still so many things make me can not get in touch .And my business also not running stable .So I have to do more jobs to make it run nice .This is my basic aimsfor this .And also make me start to have the new views for the life I am having .When comparing with some other people .I am so low and so little like one ant and I have to gather my power. So that one day I can win one little space of mine .This is my aim for the future .I want to make it done some day.

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22 août 2012

get the time back

While standing in from the big clock right over my head .I can feel the time running at one average speed and make the each second have a breath .It is one special feeling .But now seeing another birthday would come soon .I feel a little disapointed inside me .You would know the feeling .While you have reached one age .You do not have any success in your career and you do not do anything worth to be proud .It is one bad feeling .Now I am going to the age of 25 soon .In next few months.

I want to get back time .Back to the days at the school .That is the days full of the fun .And I believe back to that time I would make full use of the time make my life full of the meaning .However I remeber at that time I have spent too much time on playing the TV games each day .

Anyone should know get back the time is impossible so you need to do is grabbing the time you have right now .Make full use of each second .Then maybe one day you would get the time used in twice than before .It also means you have get the time back for you .Time is limited .Our way is still very long .Treasure it and make full use of it .

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28 mai 2012

playboy style

Walking on the road.Suddenly I come up words to talk with myself .Yes! I am a bad boy .People being bad usually would become welcomed .However some one too honest or too dumb would be forgotten soon .This is one strange society make me think of the old movie called " God Bless American " One amazing movie do not have the huge scene .Do not spend much .Just one little girl which is not very beautiful and one old man who is mistaken told get a cancer which can not be healed .This is one tragedy but fun .At last the two poor all dead .But for me they make us start to consider about our entertainment .They make us suddenly wake from the sick life we are having .They all become the sick people who is crazy for the things meaningless .But they never realize until the Old Man speak it out while carrying the AK-41 on the street. After his speech I have found how sick I am in the past few years .And I also get the face turn red .Their gun do not hurt me because I am just watching this movie .But they have waked me up and make me trun to the life with one new view .

The life I am having .I can not become the playboy any more .And I would try to create one new world which is pure and clean .I would try.

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16 avril 2012

urban jeans and vintage jeans

Wearing the jeans for more than 18 years .Since while I was very young we have dressed the jeans look as I have a fashion mother .And the jeans designs now these days are walking in three ways in my view .First the urban jeans with the unwashed material which have the pure blue or pure black color .And this kind jeans is usually wearing by the young people .And their designs are easy to match with the sneakers and very welcomed in the hip hop zone.The standing brands should be the Evisu jeans , Coogi and  the Red Monkey designs .Standing on one edge of the fashion and shine like the gold .

And then it is about the water washed jeans .The jeans have the vintage weatern style which stand out like the normal wearing for the adult .The stitch work and the water wash designs simple but amazing .Usually dressed by many people .They do not have one special age zone .As this is one kind special fashion which we love really much .

For the third designs it is usually appear in the second designs too .The worn style and the special dirty handling designs for the jeans and the jeans have another new style which we love .This is the new styles for the jeans we love really much .They are the new amazing one which we love .The hot designs of the Diesel and so on .These designs make this type jeans have another zone now .The jeans designs have thousands .But if you have a clear mind you would get the designs which you love .The jeans kingdom really need you and me. 

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05 avril 2012

rainy day

Today is rainy and I do not know when to start I have felt very disappointed in my life .However the pressure is not that hard for me any more .I am feeling much better these days .And start to breathe the air out side the window .However the air is full of the dust .And I am feeling dark these days .

In the past when I am feeling weak and feeling tired I would make a telephone call to my parents .They usually can give me the strength .However now after grown up seems no one can understand you .Each time you only have to tear it all by yourself .When you telling them the situation they only can say what should I do .They never understand me .That all I want is some words make me feel comfort and then calm down my mind to face the problems we are having .But they do not know .All they wanted to own is the large house to live .The money they can spend .And I am feeling really tired for this .

Even when you are tired you still can not sleep .Face the computer every day and each time when the tears going to fall down.You would sweep them away .However there is the sadness in my eyes .The sadness for this life .

I dreamed , I used to want to fly .But nothing would do with you .Each time we are just standing here and cried like a children. You make the YMCMB group have gone .And I just want to join this club to make my life full of the honor .However it is really far away from me .I do not know when I would join it .However any way this is just one aim .Any way one day I would make it come true .

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02 avril 2012

vintage would last long

In the fashion zone there used to be one theory and few people have noticed that is the vintage would last longer than the so called fashion products.It is really a fact as in the brand history we can see as many proof as we want .The designs of the True Religion which comes from almost 50 years ago .Their fashion products are still very hot no matter what you think of their designs .The True Religion clothing have never get lower for their sales .As all they aim at the vintage jeans .No hyperbolic designs few people can accept .And they are always amazing for their fashion designs we have never seen .

Their jackets ,jeans, shirts and large numbers of products are waving the fashion zone to let us know more about the modern style fashion .We have forgotten many old brands as some kinds of luxury brands do not last long .Seems just as they are too special and few people can accept their designs .Though many people think it is amazing .But few people just would like to take a look but not wearing them on the streets .I think the designers should consider about this kind situation .As some of the designers are just aim at the feeling when others see their designs .But the clothing is also one part of our life but not for shown .So we should think about this .If we can wear them on the street. If it is comfort while wearing the super hot designs .And if it is nice enough to wear in our daily life .After the designers consider about this .That is the day the fashion get into our real life .

Just some views for the designers .And I love the designs from True Religion .As they have the vintage jeans style with the nice material .This is all I think about designs of True Religion.

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29 mars 2012

wonderful world of two angle

We do think that this world have different style which we love .For the past few years I am one lost person who can not find a right direction and when looking at the sky .I do not know where to go .When in the night I am living all by myself .I even do not know what to enjoy this kind boring life .That is one sad night everyday .

I have been asking for any choice .I try to live my life funny way .Dressing the Two Angle clothing and then smile everyday .But what should it become .I am treated as the crazy person .And I tried my best to make others think I am a close person easy to stay with .But it is really hard.Because I live to be lonely .Even when taking the test on the internet .It is also told me this .

I hate people talk about the rumor and I also do not like to talk about the things about others .It do not have any connection with us .Why should we care about that too much .I am tired of the people who always care about others .Maybe I am too selfish but that also make me stay away with many troubles .I am looking at the sky while it is turning orange .I am feeling a little tired because I have been working for about 6 hours and never rest .This is crazy life of mine .And now when I am doing my own business I am always busy with these things .And this is my life I am trying very hard on these things .One day I would make the life all back to normal .

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26 mars 2012

young billionaires

I have listened to one song by Lil Wayne .They were talking about their lives .They enjoy the luxury life and they also like to show how much money do they have in the bank account .And from my true side I envy them .Because they are living the life that I want to own .I trited to put on the YMCMB snapback on me .And I also tried to become one of them .However it is hard .

Most of the young people who have billions they all have a rich parents who can afford everything they want .However for me it is impossible .So I have to live all by myself .And I also have to make the money by myself .Nobody would give you a hand .And also there would be no people to teach you how to face with all kinds of problems in business .So I have to grow up faster than other people around me to make me doing the business better . Keep thinking of making money .And find some ways to make the business run better in my life .This is all I think of the life I am aiming at .This is all I think of this . But now I am still not a billionaires .Holding this dream for really a long time .Sometime I also feel very tired .And even want to give up .But I have to make it go on .Because dreams make me feel I am stronger .And I have to pull the shit thoughts inside me .And find the inerstrength in me to make one greatest kingdom of myself .I want to become one billionaires use my own hands to create one bigger and better future of mine .This is my life aim .I would spend my whole life to make this great dream come true .Though I am not young any more .But once I have made my dreams come true .I would feel much better in my life .This is what all I think of my life .

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